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GHOST Environmental Consulting Inc. was established by John Bailey in Whitehorse, Yukon in 1989. The company orginally focused on implementation of Aboriginal land claims in Canada as well as a variety of environmental management projects. Since 2004, the company has specialized in aquatic ecology and biomonitoring and bioassessment projects, including the development of programmes in western and northern Canada and staging training workshops on aquatic biomonitoring.
GHOST offers services in several major areas: development and implementation of aquatic ecology, biomonitoring and bioassessment programmes including programme design, data collection and analysis and results interpretation; training of field and GIS personnel in aquatic data collection methods; preparation of proposals for submission to environmental assessment processes; and implementation of the environmental and administration of justice components of Aboriginal land claim agreements.
In addition to company president Dr. John L. Bailey, GHOST has several Associates who contribute specialized expertise. These include Senior Scientists Dr. Trefor B. Reynoldson and Dr. Robert C. Bailey who combine to bring more than 50 years experience in design and analysis of aquatic biomonitoring programmes, Dr. Adam G. Yates who is Canada's leading authority in applying GIS techniques to gather watershed landscape-scale data and John Bryant, a mapping and GIS expert.
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